Vincent Nathan

Vincent Nathan

London UK

2018 onwards

2016 - 2019

Data Developer and Performance Analyst
Southwark Council

Developing a suite of SQL reports to meet the needs of the Adult Social Care and Finance teams, working with the social care system Mosaic. Creation of materialized views to implement a custom data warehouse and improve performance of reporting.

Extensive support to Finance teams to provide monitoring tools, aid in debt recovery, and support essential regular processes.

Provision of all aspects of reporting required by Adults Social Care, all written in SQL and deployed for use by managers and performance colleagues.

2012 - Present

Gameplay Programmer / Designer
Foxhaut Games

I develop systems supporting the gameplay of Astralis, and also steer the design of the game.

We used Agile practices – Scrum, paired programming, as well as regular peer reviews.

2015 - Present

Ziola IT Consultancy Ltd

2016 - 2016

Senior Performance & Intelligence Analyst
Harrow Council

Development of tools using VBA to support Phase 2 of the Troubled Families programme at Harrow and management of data collection, processing and analysis for the programme.

Deployed a VBA based solution using Microsoft Access and Excel to manage all case recording aspects of Troubled Families.

Provided extra support and expertised as required on other aspects of social care reporting by sharing my domain knowledge.

2015 - 2016

Senior Business Analyst
Islington Council

Development and improvement of Access VBA enabled system in readiness for Phase 2 of the Troubled Families programme. Redeveloped and built extensive new functionality as required for an Access based recording tool for Troubled Families.

Responding quickly with new features and developments to this system as I met with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Developed data matching tools using advanced VBA tools, and creating links between the Microsoft SQL Server based social care tool, Microsoft Access and Excel for data manipulation and direct queries.

2015 - 2015

Children's Data Viewer Specialist
West Sussex County Council

Working over the course of a six month contract developing performance and statutory reporting tools for the Social Care workforce within West Sussex County Council. This included the use of Visual Basic for Applications, SQL and SharePoint. Building an automated tool with Excel VBA which would on a single click process information from a complex query encompassing the vast majority of performance metrics for Children’s Social Care, and produce interactive dashboards within Excel for use by managers.

Complete rewrite of 80+ individual SQL reports into a single query which provided all the same information in one single file ready for processing by the above mentioned tool.

Implementing automation of processes and deployment to Sharepoint of the reporting tool, as well as providing one click email of relevant performance reports to specified managers.

2012 - 2015

Principal Systems Support Officer
Royal Borough of Greenwich

Managing a small team supporting the users of the Social Care system Frameworki, providing support to users, development of the system to fit the needs of the business, managing hardware and software upgrades, and providing for the statutory and managerial reporting needs of the service.

System owner for the Social Care system used by Greenwich Council, responsible for all aspects of maintenance and upgrades. Lead on support for Children's Social Care, providing reporting services, business process development and analysis, training, testing and stakeholder engagement.

Management of support and developer staff providing additional support to all staff within Adults Social Care.

2007 - 2012

Impulse Database Manager
Royal Borough of Greenwich

Managing, providing support for and training on the education system Impulse for Children’s Services, and managing upgrades to hardware, software and infrastructure.

2005 - 2007

IT Liaison Officer / Business Systems Support Assistant
Royal Borough of Greenwich

Providing on-site support for users on various software packages, as well as hardware issues and aiding the IT support contractor Northgate with hardware repair and replacement.

Providing support to senior officers and to users of the Housing MIS, GEM, and working with colleagues on the migration to the Java based overhaul to this system provided by Northgate.

1999 - 2002

BSc (2:2) in Computer Science
Nottingham Trent University

Database skills

SQL is the core query language used across many relational database variants. I am proficient with both Oracle and Microsoft variants of SQL, and have non-commercial experience with MySQL.

Oracle SQL Developer is a tool to help with querying and management of Oracle databases, and a great tool for queries and building of views, packages and procedures.

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a tool for building reports, with optional visualisation and interactive components for deployment to end users, via a web based interface.

Crystal Reports is an object based tool for building reports, using data objects from any compatible database, using a visual interface.

SAP Business Objects is visual tool for building reports, with interactivity and visualisation, for deployment via web interface.

Systems skills

servelec Framework-i and Mosaic are Social Care case recording systems provided by Servelec. Mosaic is the successor to Frameworki primarily improved with group units for clients.

Capita One is an education management system used by local authorities for managing all aspects of LA interaction with the schools run by the authority.

OLM Carefirst is a social care case management system, using a more freeform recording system not restricted by workflow.

CACI Impulse is modular education and case management system provided by CACI.

Skills Map